We bring a premium "high-end" lighting, branding
and visually interesting element to your event.


The airstar lighting balloon

So unique, it's hard to describe....
Airstars. Balloon light. Glow balls. Light orbs. Inflatable lights. Air lights.

Very different event lighting & advertising

Conferences - Sponsorships - activations

Made of a textile not unlike a boat's sail, the white Airstar "envelope" is internally lit and has a tiny air pump to inflate into a round shape. This "envelope" can be mounted on a stand, suspended or placed on the ground. This brings light and decoration.

Then we add branding. We apply client logos or signage to the white envelope using either vinyl cut (solid colour) or digitally produced decals, scaled (but not altered) to size to fit the envelope diameter and the desired effect.

Whether in daylight or in the evening, the logo is "back-lit" and is a clean, crisp and highly visible execution to draw attention to the brand. The glare-free light creates a lovely soft ambience and makes photography easy, and so social media uploads are prolific.

We can add colour by placing a "jacket" (in standard colours) over the white envelope. This ensures bright vibrant colour in any light conditions.

Or we can use LED as the internal light source, which is more effective in darker light and much more energy efficient. LED also affords a greater colour palette.

To keep the Airstar inflated and the light on, mains or generator power 24/7 is required.

We deliver, install and bump-out. Our specialist technicians ensure presentation and safety is always the priority.

We are Sydney based and partner with clients Australia-wide.


Airstars at every Sydney Swans home game. Engaging fans and leveraging long term sponsorship.

Airstars at every Sydney Swans home game. Engaging fans and leveraging long term sponsorship.

Airstar City of Sydney Bike Parking IMG_1979.JPG

Signage & Wayfinding.

The City of Sydney "Food Trucks" and "Bike Parking" - elegant signage for a community event.

Airstar Myer Fashion Helium

Fashion Style.

Airstar adds a key design element, along with glare-free soft light (helium), for Myer.

Sizes & Positioning.

Mounted on stands, suspended, on the ground or attached to existing railings.

Standard sizes - all sizes are the same cost:

  • 0.9m diameter - this is also the only available size for our backpacks.

  • 1.3m diameter.

  • 1.6m diameter - our most popular size.

  • 2m diameter - please add 10% for outdoor use.

We do have larger diameter 3m and 3.7m Airstars which are often used as focal points or centre-pieces and are usually suspended.

We also have helium Airstars to create a "floating" effect, typically for interior events and often a good solution when there are no rigging points for suspension. Helium is expensive and using it outdoors is highly technical - it can be done but is often an unreliable strategy given wind will greatly effect our ability to deploy on any given day.

Airstars can be dimmed and can have video projected onto them.

Power is required 24/7 to keep the Airstars inflated and lit - mains or generator.

When mounted on our height adjustable poles, we recommend a height of 2.2m to the bottom of the Airstar - this is most effective most of the time and also keeps fingers (etc) away from the textile.

Timing & Costs.

We provide custom quotes for each project.

We do one day (or night) events or multiple days or weeks.
Our rates reflect discounts for multiple lights and the number of event days.

Costs include delivery, installation and bump-out by our specialist technicians, between 6am and 12 midnight, ex Sydney.

Please allow for freight and travel costs to other locations to be included in our quote.

We are excellent at logistics and working with clients to ensure a smooth running install and bump-out, given ease of vehicle access and that power is in place, ready for us.

We do not "dry hire".

Hire or buy. Custom printing.

By far the majority of clients hire our Airstars. Our technical knowledge and experience, along with our imperative to ensure a beautiful and safe display is key to client satisfaction and maximising effectiveness.

Some clients do choose to purchase where they have the staff to correctly install, care for and store the hardware and "delicate" textile. We can apply logos and replace them when required. We are often asked how much they are to buy but for most, the cost is prohibitive when only utilising for a short-term project.

A custom envelope is one printed "all over" with a specified pattern, colour and/or logo. To execute this we need a long lead-time as the envelopes are manufactured in France. Freight and other costs need to be added and we've found that there is usually a much more cost-effective and timely solution using digital or vinyl printing.