Airstar "Jelly lights" at Vivid Sydney.

Airstar "Jelly lights" at Vivid Sydney.

About Us.

Simon Lee spent 30+ years as a gaffer / lighting director on TV commercials (back in those big budget days) and feature films.

Wrangling lighting trucks, big generators, freelance crew, location surveys, multiple film sets and locations and working crazy hours all over Australia, he is a master of organisation, logistics and technical know-how. He knows light. And safety.

Simon first used the Airstar lights on "Babe", on location in the Southern Highlands of NSW. It wasn't only the sheep that were lit up, the Airstars could be seen by locals far and wide.

Deploying a huge 6m helium Airstar on "Mission Impossible II" for some big night exteriors at The Rocks, Sydney, was a real technical challenge. Wind can be tricky. (Airstar have an extensive range of specialised film lights).

Small team. Big on experience.

On leaving the film industry he started Airstar Austalia and has been explaining what a lighting balloon is, ever since. The years of experience and skills gained working in the film industry, now inform what we bring to event projects. Then add what we've learnt through years of events projects and you can be assured that you're in good hands. And safe ones.

Sydney based. Australia wide.

We are very familiar with key venues and locations, particularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.
We understand the absolute imperative of brand management.
We know that service, reliability and cost effectiveness are critical to a successful event.

World's largest spherical balloon. Helium filled. With projection.
Can do.

Fed Sq Solar-Equation Melb

The Light in Winter
Federation Square, Melbourne.

"Solar Equation" - 2010 - by Rafael Lazono.
The world's largest spherical balloon, by Airstar.

A 14m diameter Airstar helium-filled lighting balloon was installed in the heart of Melbourne's CBD for 5 weeks, as the focal point for this annual festival.

Our collaborators : Airstar France and Airstar Asia.