The element of surprise. Engaging. Fun.

The airstar BACKPACKS

Nike. Tennis Australia. Taronga Zoo. Telstra. Singapore Airlines.
Westpac. The Broncos. Star Casino. Sydney Olympic Park. Mirvac.

All of these brands have used our clever backpacks to bring another dimension to their activations.

A 0.9m diameter Airstar is placed in a backpack, along with it's power source, and fitted to event ambassadors supplied by the client. Logos or signage is applied and towering up to a height of 3 metres, stand-out mobile branding is the result.

Ambassadors can be an information source, aid with directing movement and/or way finding, or execute dance routines for fun visibility ..... this is a fresh, captivating and energetic execution that always surprises.

Our standard activation is up to 4 hours, plus set-up/fitting (install) and bump-out time. Ambassadors most often wear the backpack for  up to 45 mins, have a 15 minute break, and we help re-fit and/or replenish the power source, as needed.

Our technician/s assist throughout the activation, keeping an eye on clearance through doorways, signs and any other obstacles.

We usually begin and end at the same location, where we need a secure place to store our vehicle and back-up equipment.